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The Ultimate Power Flower

~8@ Daisy Flora @8~

Princess Daisy Flora
Name: Daisy Flora (OOC: I made up the last name for all intents and purposes)
Game/Series: Various; Super Mario
Grade Level: Freshman
Personality: Daisy is a little bit of a ditz, but she's also a tough tomboy and has an explosive temper. She's also VERY loud, sometimes to the point of annoyance. But she's enthusiastic about life in a rather charming way. She loves playing sports and is very physically-oriented, so being patient and stopping to think can be a challenge for her. She also loves the idea of being friends with everybody, and isn't the type to hold a grudge... unless they really deserve it or if she's in her "competitive mode." Also, as a final note, Daisy is very close to her father... even though he doesn't always know the right things.
Backstory: Daisy is new to SumaBura Gakuen. She came from a rich family (she IS a princess, after all), and they've home-schooled her all her life. But when Daisy began longing to see the outside world, her father, Rowan, decided to send his daughter to the academy to make her happy. Rowan is, unfortunately, a bit overprotective, and is always trying to contact Daisy to make sure she's free from harm, which puts a dent in whatever social life Daisy is destined to have, and puts a strain on her relationship with him. Daisy never had any real friends growing up, despite her desperate want to be social, so she has no idea how to approach people... and instead of thinking things through, she throws herself in with wild abandon (I guess that's more of a "personality" detail, but her history plays a major role here). So, basically, Daisy's time at SumaBura Gakuen is supposed to be a very-late-coming-of-age thing.
Also, due to being kidnapped by an alien, Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman, when she was younger, she was traumatized a bit. It was after she was rescued that she vowed to become tougher and not take things lying down, and it was then she began her more tomboyish ways. She's also developed a fear of anyone from another planet. This incident is the very reason why Rowan is so protective of Daisy.
Anything Else?: HI I'M DAISY!