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*Daisy's freaked out enough at this point to not care what's appropriate or not to type out*

I can't believe this is actually happening... a war... I don't even know what those things are out there... I want to fight, but... as much as I hate to admit it, I'm scared. I don't know what we're up against. Then again, does anybody?

I've been hearing voices... I heard a few others have been hearing them, too.

"You'll die, and you'll leave your precious twins behind."
"You'll never be loved by another."
"Your father hates you."
"Captain Syrup will take the throne from you, and Sarasaland will be thrown into ruin."
"Dimentio will stab you in the back. You're a fool for befriending him."
"You will kill Leon Powalski with one of his own scalpels."
"Your mother would disappointed in you if she were alive."
"It's your fault your mother is dead."

And that's just an example of what I've been hearing. Some are too horrible to type down.

I've been staying in my room, guarding the twins with my life. But I want to fight. It's not safe in here, alone. I have a feeling that I'll need to wake the twins up and have them fight with me, at my side. I'd have them hide somewhere, but knowing them, they'd come find me anyway. They know when I'm in danger. I'm surprised they're still sleeping right now.

I'm starting to wish I was a Deku Scrub.

... That does it. I can't stay here, and neither can the twins. If anyone is reading this, please, come here quickly and help me prepare! I won't let my friends, or Sumabura, be destroyed because of these creatures!

((OOC: I'm off hiatus for now. May be back on it temporarily come Thursday. Guys, I didn't prepare at all for the war, and I have no idea what to do. Please help! There's too many entries to go through! STUPID HIATUS!))
Sorry you guys haven't been seeing much of me, lately. I kinda got backlogged with schoolwork. I spent yesterday in my room, so no Friday the 13th shenanigans... aside from, maybe, my computer crashing when I was typing up this one assignment. -_-;

Ah, it's finally Valentine's Day, yippee! I've sent cards to all my friends, and some little stuffed animals I found in my boxes from Daddy! Hope you guys enjoy them!

((OOC: Yeah, sorry about taking so long, guys! I'm still in the middle of moving, but it's no biggie. The real heavy work starts tomorrow, and you guys know I am NOT missing Valentine's Day on SBG! ;D I'll be sure to catch up on logs and stuff when I can. (please pretend daisy was at the football game, please? ^^;)

Also... feel free to hit Daisy with some crush action! Mwahaha! First poster gets Daisy's brand of rabid love!))
Yay for Valentine's Day! I bought cards for my friends, and I'm searching through all those boxes Daddy gave me when I first arrived here to find presents!

*sigh* I loooooooove Valentine's Day. So romantic~! <3 I hope someone asks me to be their valentine... =^_^=


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Ooh, so much to be excited over lately! ^O^

For starters, I'm gonna be playing offensive for the school's football team when we play against Capcom High! Aw, yeah! SPORTS. FINALLY. The thing I do best, and something to really use up my energy with in this winter weather! :D

I also got to see what being a waitress was like when Mr. Louie hosted the cafe on Wednesday! It was fun! I also got to wear a Bee Suit again, yay! AND... I GOT TO SEE PEACH! MAJOR YAY! Peach, seriously, we have got to organize that sleepover we talked about.

I'm gonna be a DJ for the school's new radio station, which is awesome! I've gotta come up with a cool DJ name... I'm falling short on ideas, though. Flower Power-- no. Day-Zee-- NO. Anyone got any ideas? I just don't know!

And, Dimentio is my friend now. Yeah, people, you heard right-- we're friends! ^o^ I'm happy about it, because... well, I'd rather have a friend than an enemy, y'know? It feels nice.

So, yeah, I'm pretty happy right now! ^_^

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WHAT?! Now Latias is gone, too?!

... I think I'm going to cry again...!

*goes away to do so*
*To make up for yesterday's sad song, and to hopefully cheer people up, Daisy somehow manages to take over the PA system, and sings that song instead. You know... that one?*

click for a REAL surprise (not an ordinary rickroll video)

((I had to do this eventually. XD ))

Well, maybe not everyone, but still... it's not fair!

Peach. PEACH. PEEEEEEEEEEEACH. Do you have ANY idea where Mario went? Please tell me he confided in you, at least?!

In any event... if any of Mario's remaining friends here want to get together sometime... just hang out, shoot the breeze, whatever... just say when. I think it would help a lot of us.

Writer's Block: Open Arms

Have you ever spontaneously hugged someone you didn't know? Or received an unexpected embrace from a stranger?

((This is an RP journal.))

Are you kidding?! I've given so many hugs to so many random people, I must hold some sort of world record!

And YAY I HAVE BOOBS AGAIN, WOO-HOO! Hello, ovaries! Hello, mon fleur petit! I missed you so much!

I almost miss my penis, though. Almost. ((strikes SO deleted))

Writer's Block: Honey Bear

Happy birthday, A. A. Milne! Not coincidentally, it's also Winnie the Pooh Day. Which resident of Pooh Corner do you identify with the most?

((This is a role-playing journal.))

Tigger, of course! *bounce bounce bounce*

((OOC: Smee-mun, Nyx-mun - the RPs I'm having with each of you were tagged! Also, to Linebeck-mun - I put up the log for Syrup and Linebeck going to dinner a little while ago.))

Jan. 16th, 2009

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Hey, guys, I just thought of something!

You know how I was asking you all not to call me a princess anymore?

I guess I kind of got my wish, huh? Haha!